Sinsearch Directory came into being in 1999 after the meeting of minds in a bar. It was then the idea was sown into my slightly boozy and young brain to try my hand at running such a site. I had previously ran other sites and Web rings and so I wasn’t entirely a fish out of water.

The site initially constructed as a marketing tool to promote me as a Web developer/designer and later a programmer and Seo. It’s only later on I began to accept paid advertising after repeated requests. Prior to that it was entirely funded by myself or later various affiliate programmes that suited the site.

I have always enjoyed programming, from a very young age and I began to ultimately to design tools to enable me to maintain the directory online and to automate tasks like updates and posting to twitter 24 hours a day. 

The site is run on a commercial basis as well as being a labour of love. Would I ever sell it? If the price is right, maybe but it would have to be a very convincing offer to let a site go I’ve held for so long. It’s more than a web site to me but a brand and identity that is a part of me. 

This WordPress blog is a mere extension of my business and technology side of what I do.