Skill Exchanges 

A friend suggested I should write about how the industry has changed historically since I have been operating in this space for such a long time. That’s true and I have picked up a particularly unique skill set as a result. I generally don’t spill my beans publicly however as there’s no benefit to me giving information away any more than its for Mistresses to supply free sessions/sales to your customers.

There are of course many slaves that are dying to help Dommes with various tasks for a bit of attention and to feel submissive. When I do something to help someone, I don’t do it for attention but to help a friend who has meaning to me. Thus, you won’t ever see me writing such emails from me as I have seen slaves write over the years desperate to work for free. My understanding is that using sub labour in that way can be problematic in terms of the quality of the workmanship and the number of corners that are cut which only affects your future business prospects. In addition, subs often require a large amount of interaction on the ladies  part managing them far more than you would any paid professional – meaning you aren’t saving any time at all. Time they could had put to better use earning money after a greater rate than you could pay a professional to do those tasks for them

Of course when I was younger with less developed skills and a little naive I did do skill exchanges more often and would gladly offer myself as most men but then I grew up! I now like to work with others for mutual benefit but there is always that financial incentive there as frankly it’s that what drives my results rather than a chance of a thorough one off thrashing!

I have been lucky in my life in the lovely people I have known in this industry. Some that you may regard as top draw ladies and gentleman, I certainly do. I appreciate the knowledge of such people and it’s how I have developed both as a professional as well as personally. It’s all good. Its the good people of this world that makes everything worth it.