Tarketing customers

An important aspect of running any business or website is understanding who your customers actually are and then designing content to appeal to those. When you start a business or website you might indeed have a general idea who you want to attract as customers and so you write your content in a way to attract a general group of people. Using tools like Google analytics you can however learn which particular groups of people spend the most time on your site and ultimately make an enquiry. 

With data over time you can learn to segment your visitors and see where improvements should be made. This could be done by tweaking current content or layout, Writing targeted material or designing specific ad campaigns that elicits a positive response from a certain group of people. In all likelihood by targeting smaller groups of people your response rate will be higher. Such actions are referred to as segmentation.

Businesses want to get to know their customers, understanding there needs and wants in order to encourage them to open their wallets. As someone responsible for strategy you have to take that data and be brave enough to stop selling things people don’t want to concentrate resources on things they do. No matter how good you think your product is you have to see that other people might not share your opinion. Customers have to be convinced, see clear benefits and also feel valued. Too many businesses often fail to deliver on the latter. I aim to make each and every customer to feel valued and special because they are to me.

I know I could communicate better as I believe that there are always improvements that can be made and there is no such thing as perfection. Over the coming months this is certainly something I will be aiming to improve as well as expanding out into other areas.

It’s Friday at last though I never really stop for a full day, ever. Are you able to stop working entirely? If you are please share your secret of how to stop thinking about work related things without the use of alcohol!