Road a head

The road ahead is an interesting one. April 1st in the UK is when the entire landscape of adult entertainment is set to change thanks to the Digital Economy Bill. The government here are enforcing regularity requirements on all adult content creators to ensure all their visitors are over the age of 18 which applies to all Web sites no matter where they are based.

Predominantly service related sites (sessions) will generally become much more tame and are likely to be restricted to model type shots. Pay sites owned by UK citizens will largely become extinct by closing many and leading to people having to incorporate abroad where Internet freedoms are protected by sensible people.

I’m already seeing a move away from Mistresses having their own Web site in the traditional sense but instead using a spread of social media and a profile on a third party sites whether that’s for fetish models, cam sites or fan pages that support a subscription based model. Even prior to this recent trend some would only have a clips4sale store and a twitter account for their business. I imagine that in time the number of Dominatrix sites will decrease, leaving only the most successful and established with a their own pay site. 

There are a multitude of free or nearly free services and sites that collectively can be used to represent a business online – some of these will also let you use your own domain name as well as a suite of easy to use tools to allow anyone to create a presence online with no or little technical knowledge. A free Web site host however also contain adverts to other businesses and sends totally the wrong message to both your potential customers and competitors. They form perhaps an unfair impression that a person on a free account are less professional brand than someone on their own domain name on a fully paid up account that has no third party advertising on it.

It is absolutely fine to use any free period to build a Web site obviously but once it’s ready to be set out into the wild then it’s time to upgrade to the full version. Once you set it free and Google picks it up then you are stuck with the impression of being a slightly spammy site as Google is intelligent enough to identify that a page is ad supported.

Not upgrading tends to broadcast that the person on a free account lacks confidence in their own products or services by not spending a poultry few dollars a month. Customers certainly do react differently to those sites with a professional presence and those that do not. I’m afraid looks really do matter when it comes to Web sites. Every business has to consider how their brand is represented to customers in order to aspire confidence that the service they are buying is of a high standard.

Surely this is bad news for directories? Yes and no. The reduction of high quality sites hosted on their own domain name reduces the quality of the links but it will also lead to more ladies wanting to pay for advertising since they will find promoting themselves in the new environment even more difficult as the usual adult channels are closed down.

For the directory the value of a link exchange is limited. We are approaching the point where having a link exchange will make very little difference to the overall visitor numbers directly generated by it. However, a fraction of these pages are still used in calculating rank by Google and so remain a indirect importance. Content overall is king which is difficult promote to search engines without a Web site.

On the international stage on both sides of the Atlantic there has been efforts to censor adult material on the Internet with Great Britain leading the way. President Trump is know to have similar aspirations. Not only will UK based sites will be affected but those outside which allow access without securely checking their age. I don’t just mean a ‘i  am over 18’ disclaimer page but actually be able to prove a person’s age via a credit card, passport or government ID. Obviously no site is going to do that but will merely block UK from their websites to avoid any future problems.

The question is what will you be doing to change the way you do promote yourself on-line? And how do you think it will affect your business?

In terms of its has removed the picture requirements for link exchanges and no longer show existing ones on listings on the site. We do however selectivity promote galleries of ladies on Twitter that support our site. We have extended descriptions so there’s a choice of a short or long one. We are no longer carrying Mistress news with the exception of content to promote events such as parties or social events. A financial contribution is required however to promote such events on the platform and has to adhere to the new content restrictions. Thus, we have to write or edit any submissions prior to publication.

We have also refined our advertising platform by offering only picture box adverts for sale on publicly. There are banner spots available on directory pages and a large rotating picture link on the index page. These however are subject to the new content restrictions and cannot contain any adult images within the graphics. Price lists for these spots are available to those that join our mailing list.

So business as usual but with some tweaks…