Operating a small business is hard – you have to do everything and become an expert in all things. As a sole trader with no employees it’s even more pressure as there aren’t the hours in the day to do everything without it affecting the performance overall. There comes a point that even the most talented and dedicated business owners have to either take on employees or outsourcing tasks to third parties.

Taking on extra staff is expensive as you are paying them when they are not busy as well as working on tasks for you. Its only beneficial if there’s enough continuous work for them. For certain specialised tasks then this is why you might outsource on a per task basis.

My particular specialities are Web development, programming and organic search engine optimisation. I tend to outsource more complicated graphics, studio photography & filming tasks as they are my main weaknesses. Eventually you will get to a stage of your business where you will simply need someone to manage this side leaving you time to concentrate on core activities that you specialise in to make the money.

You could take your chances joining one of those freelance sites, post your project, process the applications, interview, check references and previous works and then still be disappointed with the results. Sometimes this can be caused by a misunderstanding of what you want or the specification changing after employing someone or simply having too high expectations for the available budget. Either way employing a random person off a freelance site can be fraught with problems.

I personally work with people I trust and have confidence in their work. My expectations are high and I need the same dedication and reliability as I put into any project. One such company which has these values is ‘Maya Liyer’ media services of London whose fancy film trailers feature quite prominently on sinsearch.com in the film section. There filming, lighting, production and editing skills are impressive and wipe the floor with my attempts plus it’s just good to find someone who can take a concept and build upon it.

Their graphics expertise is clean and well thought through, not over engineering a brand image. I can do some graphics but honestly it takes me so long that it’s more economically viable to pay someone else enabling projects to be completed faster. If any advanced editing or corrections are needed then this would be another situation where I would outsource.

I do admire creative people and those that think out of the box which is why I am very happy to recommend Maya Liyer Media Services of London to those both in our industry and beyond. Do contact them via their website to discuss your business’s needs. http://www.maya-liyer.london/contact