Investigatory Powers Bill

Last Wednesday the first attack on the privacy on every individual in the country was launched by the government. This law means now your UK internet service provider will by law have to record your web history and keep it for a year.

This will allow the authorities to build a list of people who watch porn or engage in deviant activities. This information will be available to many government departments including law enforcement. It is kind of worrying that government is now holding data on a person’s sexual preferences and what makes them horny. I find the idea of it to be a bit creepy but of course I understand the motivation behind the bill and there are valid reasons for it. The problem is it could be applied in such a way to destroy the essence of what the internet is all about.

I can imagine there’s going to be a lot of changes in the femdom industry in the next 18 months. Many online revenue streams will be affected. All pay sites will operate offshore, some with comply with the law and some will not, being outside their jurisdiction. Besides, any UK citizen can get around the tracking and blocks with almost zero technical knowledge by subscribing to a VPN service. If you know how to put a bit of software onto your computer, phone or tablet then you can use a VPN.

VPN stands for ‘Virtual Private Network’ which in essence gives you the appearance of connecting to a web site from another country and by passes any blocks from an ISP. These private networks are in use at the moment by letting UK people working abroad to watch English TV at home as if they are still there. Corporations use them to provide secure connections between offices since most VPN’s use stronger encryption than that is usually available using the standard internet. Plus having a VPN can actually increase the speed of delivery of pages to your computer since data is compressed more efficiently.

The virtual private network works by acting as a relay. Normally what happens when ever you google something then that is routed from your ISP which will be logged. By connecting to the VPN first then this connection will be logged but nothing you do after that. The VPN protects your privacy from prying eyes.

I believe this legislation is seriously flawed as anyone and I mean anyone can circumvent it using services that are already being sold by trust worthy companies around the world.