The Twitter verse

Many in the industry use Twitter to promote their adult web sites using Twitter and in the beginning that was fine but has the strength of the content with popularity then it got noticed by the government who are hung up on the argument that all pornography is bad unless it’s heavily licensed by them who get to enforce what is acceptable or not. I don’t think it’s the government’s role to set what is acceptable in the bedroom; as long as it’s consensual then that is all that matters.

Twitter is in a difficult situation as their ethos has always been to post what you like within reason. Their user base grows because of this unregulated approach. Instead the UK government is trying to force foreign sites to comply with a no porn rule under the threat of by blocked by the entire UK.

The governments strategy is flawed as Twitter is an large international company whose major growth is happening in other parts of the world so if they were blocked then it would be inconvenient but hardly worth spending the millions of dollars to support a policy that the UK government lacks the conviction to invest in these controls. They can do it, look at China but they spend millions every year maintaining it.

What will happen if Twitter is blocked? To Twitter a bit of a blip in profits, to the UK all government accounts offline, politicians unable to communicate and businesses damaged throughout the country. Blocking Twitter is far more hurtful to us than them.

Facebook made a no adult change a few years ago which involved hiring more monitoring staff to process reports and despite their best efforts it’s still rampant on their if you know where to look.

There is software out there that can detect the amount of flesh in a picture but it’s not perfect as it flags people in their beach wear or families in a paddling pool as pornographic. So as you can see the government is in cloud cookoo land if they think there is an automated way of doing this. There isn’t without employing hundreds of more staff at an unrealistic cost to the business. Twitters margins aren’t great at the moment so where do they think these millions are coming from?

So exactly what benefit is there to Twitter to comply? Twitter could quite easily break the government’s back over this bill if they choose to stand up to state censorship but will they is the question.