Google Kills Adult Blogs

Google has announced a change in policy for its blogger platform to no longer allow adult content. Previously of course it was allowed but flagged it as over 18 content. I’m afraid the new policy means that existing bloggers have 30 days to remove adult content before they will be marked as private, making them only viewable to the author – affectively is killing them off. They are not planning on deleting private blogs yet but its only a matter of time.

As for new blogs, Google seems to be taking a particular hard line against users that attempt to use blogger for adult content, using terms like sanctions and legal action. I guess this could mean if porn site owners try to use blogger to promote their main web site then actions to exclude their site from search results could follow in theory.

I would recommend, if you intend to blog then get a self hosted version hosted WordPress on your main web site domain. This isn’t just good for keeping your content safe from deletion but also an excellent online marketing strategy which will help to drive visitors to your site.

Not all blogs are the same. Some hosts offer a one click self install blog which on the surface may look awesome but then later its discovered the software is seriously out dated, insecure and is restricted. A self install version is always the way to go as it will contain the very latest security patches. Then there are blogs that are offered by sites like moon fruit and wix which may seem good but they really aren’t as they don’t generate search engine friendly web addresses like a self install word press blog does. Easy to read web addresses are treated as more important when it comes to calculating a web sites position in search results.